Italian-style Romantic Neo-Gothic style castle was built in the middle of XXI century by Count Zubovas in Plungė and it remains untill today. 

It is the oldest red brick building in Plungė. This palace is like a small version of  Palazzo Vecchio in  Florence, Italy.  It has a 12-metre clock tower with a clock in it, which can be seen from any angle. The clock only has one arrow and a bell, which is activated every hour. In 1873, Duke Mykolas Oginskis purchased the Plungė Manor from Platonas Zubovas and he made an extention to the clock tower by plaling here the villa-conservatory, where exchotic plants remained. 

During the interwar period, the Second World War and post-war years, people had flats in the clock tower and at this time clock tower stoped working. During the Soviet occupation period the Pioneer and Pupil home was established in the castle. When Lithuania regained its independence it was closed and the castle was poorle maintened for a long time. Only after having decided to establish a library in the castle, it was restored and began a new life. In 2012 restoration and reconstarction work was done and Plungė Clock Tower Library moved to the castle. 

The library has taken on a new color and form and became an outstanding and unusual space with a unique participation options culturally for both: locals and tourists. This purposefully chosen location drastically breaks library concept norms and challenges the time tested "dusty old library" as a source of information while completely transforming the institution's image.

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