Traditional events

Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is an exceptional day in the year dedicated to the eviction of winter and summoning of spring. Shrove Tuesday rites incorporate ancient beliefs related to the awakening of winter for the new cycle of life. Samogitian Shrove Tuesday is hardly imaginable without masqueraders and the uproar that they bring about. In Plateliai region parties of masqueraders called Shrove Tuesday Jews have been popular from time immemorial. In the after-war period the tradition of Shrove Tuesday flagged, however, was revived in the late 1960s. Starting from 1991 Shrove Tuesday celebration is organized by Žemaitija National Park.

Žemaitija National Park, Plateliai, known for the festival of Shrove Tuesday, has become the most attractive tourist area, cherishing intangible heritage (EDEN) in 2008.


Plungė town festival 

Plungė Festival is one of the most important which attracts attention of local people and tourists. In these days there are craft and trade fair, concerts and etc.  The festival takes place in the second half of June, two days.


Feast of St. John

This festival is celebrated at the end of June when the sun reaches its peak and there is the shortest night. Since the ancient times all people of the village used to gather in the most picturesque places - on the hills, by the rivers, lakes, forests to celebrate this night together. They used to make big bonfire They used to make a big fire. The girls made the wreaths of the most beautiful flowers, youth danced, sang, jumped over the fire. At midnight the youth used to look for the fern flower. The celebration usually continues till the sunrise. The Feast of St. John has been celebrated in Plateliai on the 23-24 June.

Great Žemaičių Kalvarija Church Feast

Great church festival in Žemaičių Kalvarija – the 1st decade of July. In 17 th century the chapels of Christ`s sufferings were built on the hills and since then church festivals of the Žemaičių Kalvarija have been taking place there and thousands of piligrims come to them. In the main altar of the church of the borough there is a magic picture of God`s Mother brought from Rome.

The Swimming Marathon in Plateliai lake

The Swimming Marathon in Plateliai organized since 1982. The goals of the event to promote the sport of swimming, provide an opportunity for anyone to try their strength or just have a good time. Marathon is always starting on the last Saturday of July in the lake of Plateliai near yacht club. The participants can choose one of two distances: 3.5 km and 1.8 km.

The Swimming Marathon in Plateliai – is not just a swimming competition, but also various entertainments, contests in the water and afterparty at the bonfire.

Traditional M. Oginskis festival

International Oginskis festival first took place in 2006. The festival is usually held in the historical duke M. Oginski stable. Here are invited to participate classical music performers from Lithuania and many other foreign countries.