Memorial of victims of the Holocaust in Kaušėnai

Near the Plungė there is a tree-covered Kaušenai countryside hill, in which about 1800 Jews of Plungė district were murdered and buried in July 15-16, 1941. Initially, they were for two weeks kept closed in a synagogue without food, under antisanitarian conditions. Some of them were horrified, some were killed. After that, they walked about 5 kilometers on the way to the place of execution. The perpetrators themselves had to dig up the pits, get out and stand at their edge and the Budelies started to fired ... Another  group of victims had to bury the dead and dig a new pit for themselves ...

The last Plungė Jew, Jakov Bunka, a veteran of the Second World War, was awarded orders and medals for battle merits, even when he reached Berlin with the army of anti-fascist coalition, lost his grandparents, his youngest sister, father and brother during the war.  The rest time of his life, he devoted to the remembrance of the killed Plungė Jews and storage. Together with his friends, he founded the Kaušėnai Memorial to Lithuanians with wooden carvings. Oak monuments were created from 1986 to 1989.

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