Saunas and hydromassage pool

Address: Pramogų str. 2, Truikių village, Plungės dstr.

Ph. +370 674 22255


Bath and hot tubs

"Žemsodis" offers to visit Japanese bath (tab) in the open air. In the tab can heated six people at one time. When you will heat enough, you can jump straightly in to the cold Minija river. There are three tabs, and all of them are far away from each other, so different groups of people do not disturb leisure of each other.

Address: Kulių str. 34, Mardosų village, Plungės dstr.

Ph. +370 620 26033


Swimming pool - baths in hotel  „Linelis“

We invite those who like water procedures and bath to use the renovated SPA centre. It contains modern swimming pool with a capacity of 80 cubic meters, with a device of swimming against the steam and cascade (t=27 C°), also Jacuzzi (t=34 C°) and two bath - Finnish bath and steam (Turkish) bath.

Address: Plokštinės str. 3, Paplatelė, Plungės dstr.

Ph. +370 655 77 666


Bath, swimming pool 

In the Health and Beauty clinic all who want can relax in the swimming pool or bath. Centre applying services of hidromassage pool, infrared and steam baths. Also you can enjoy the pleasure of Finnish bath.

Address: Telšių str. 13, Plungė

Ph.: +370 448 55 098, +370 615 34 806


Bath, swimming pool 

Address: Rietavo str.. 16, Plungė

Ph.: +370 448 71 181, +370 682 67 065

Bath, swimming pool 

Adresas: Plokštinės str. 20, Paplatelės village, Plungės dstr.

Ph.: +370 698 10312, +370 614 74284

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