Julija Beniuševičiūtė-Žymantienė, a Lithuanian classic writer, in literature well-known by her pen-name Žemaitė, was born on 4 June 1845 in Bukantė manor, not far from Šateikiai. 

In 1965, when the 120th birth anniversary of the writer Žemaitė was marked, a memorial exposition was installed in her native restored house. In 2012, the residential house of the manor was repaired again, the barn and the shed were restored. 
The native house of the writer invites everyone to see the exposition which reveals her personal life and creations.
The barn of the manor features the memorial exposition of Stanislovas Riauba: you will be able to learn about one of the most prominent folk artists of Samogitia and will see his unique creations here.
The restored barn invites visitors to learn about the religious heritage of Plungė region: traditional Samogitian sun crosses, sculptures of saints, etc.


Guide services

Guided tours for a group of up to 25 people in the museum:

  •  in english/russian - 20  € and the tickets.

Ticket prices:

  • For adults – 2 €;
  • For schoolchildren, students and seniors – 1 €;
  • Family ticket – 5 € (2 adults and no more than 3 children) or 4 € (1 adult and no more than 3 children).

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