A mound called Švedkalnis stands in the village of Šarnelė.

According to archaeologist Vladas Žulkus, the Šarnelė castle and Gardai castle (Žemaičių Kalvarija mound) most certainly used to belong to the same county of Curonian Ceklis land castle. The major part of archaeological finds are found in the environs of Šarnelė mound. When carrying out reconstruction works on Žemaičių Kalvarija – Barstyčiai road, near the mound, a rich cultural layer of Šarnelė ancient settlement II was discovered: the layer featured fireplaces, various pottery, iron slag and remains of manufacturing and utilities. On the basis of pottery with rough surface and wheel made pottery, the settlement dates back to the 2-nd half of the 1st millennium A.D. – the beginning of the 2nd millennium A.D.

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