It is believed that there was Alizeyde, Alileide, Alsėdžiai castle on the hill, mentioned on April 4, 1253, in Kuldiga, in the Southern Curonian division act between Curonian Bishop Henry and the German Order. Later, from the seventeenth century, the mound got into Žvėrinčiai in the territory of Bishops' Manor, where various exotic and local animals were grown.
The mound indicates that the old people of Alsėdžiai were forced to defend themselves from the enemies. It is located in the northwestern part of the town, on the right bank of the Sruoja River, on a hill called Žvėrinčius.
Hill slopes from the stream sides, that is in the east and north, are steep – about 8-9 m high. South-southwest slope is deformed. The triangular site at the top of the hill is 40 m long in northsouth direction and 30 m wide in the south.
The mound was broken: the eastern part of the site was dig, the northern slope was eroded. The site is planted, slopes are overgrown with foliage.

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