„Žemsodis” is situated near river Minija. It is a beautiful place to relax and to feel harmony with nature. Hosts offers to spend the night in hotel, woodens houses or camping. In the hotel can live up to 30 persons. There is Wi-fi, WC, shower, TV and other services. The complex offers a pleasant rest in 10 wooden two floor houses with WC, showers and TV. The wooden houses are suitable for 2 or 4 guests. In the camping tourists can build up 200 tents, 20 campers. In the camping can live 4000 people at one time. "Žemsodis” also offers Japan bath (tub) in the open air, mobile sauna, kids and sport playgrounds and fishing in a pond. The complex provides marches with kayaks/canoes in the river of Minija. 



Restaurant / cafe
Family rooms
Conference hall
Kid's playground
Pets allowed
Speak in English
Understands Russian
Sports equipment rental


In summer


The Entertainments

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