Clock tower / Plungė district public library

The Clock - orangery is a building, which makes part of the Plungė Manor Estate of Mykolas Oginskis, and a site of cultural heritage under state-level protection together with a restored mid-19th century very rare clock mechanism. There is also a preserved growing line of the 19th century orangery saplings.

In 1846 on the southern edge of the park this castle with a clock tower was built on the 17th century manor foundation – a neo-gothic style summer villa of Counts Zubov. In 1873 the Duke Mykolas Oginskis bought Plungė Manor Estate holdings with the castle from Zubov. In the ruling period of Mykolas and Marija Oginskis (1873-1915) an orangery was founded near the clock tower.

In 2012 after the completion of restoration, the Public Library moved to the clock tower. The library is extraordinary in a geographical, historical and cultural sence and a big part of local culture. The building becomes a home of the books with new meaning and perspectives. You can see it and also feel it. It is a completely new way to use and see the building bringing out the feelings, it has become a centre for the locals and tourists.

Near the clock tower the herb gardens are being reborn, during the Duke M. K. Oginskis times it was a magnificent garden with many flowers blooming. At the moment there is the outdoor reading space with original stones from 19th century  and the unique oasis of peace, beauty in the open air.

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