Plunge manor / Žemaitija Art Museum

Samogitian art museum opened its doors to visitors in 1994. It is situated in the manor estate ensemble of Duke Mykolas Oginskis. The homestead of manor estate is surrounded by one of the largest (58 ha) mixed-style parks in Lithuania. 

Samogitian art museum collects and exhibits the creations of Žemaitija artists spread worlwide, presents the heritage reflecting the history of Plungė Manor Estate and Oginskiai family.

The homestead of Plungė Manor Estate with the events of international and local level organized there is one of the most visited objects in Plungė region attracting many tourists to the town and the region. The museum helds two traditional events: the World‘s Žemaičiai art exhibition, which is organized every four years and every year - International festival of the duke Mykolas Oginskis. One day of International festival of the duke Mykolas Oginskis is always dedicated for the greatest Lithuanian painter and composer remembrance – Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis.

Working hours:
-  from 1 November 1 d. to 30 May
  Tuesday – Saturday 10 - 17 val.  (Day off Sunday - Monday) 
- from 1 May to 31 October
  Tuesday – Sunday 10 - 19  (Day off Monday).

Last month Friday- sanitary day.

Entrance fee:
For children, students, pensioners - 2 €

For adults - 3 €


Guide services

Guided tours for groups (not more than 25 people):

  • in the museum (in english/russian) - 20 €;
  • in the park (in english/russian) -  20€.

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