Litvak memorial garden

In the map of Lithuania that Jakovas Bunka Charity and Sponsorship Fund has created in the landscape of the land it purchased, the fund is „planting“ metal apple trees symbolically representing the former Jewish communities. Apples hanging on the trees represent the families that used to live in those communities. Every apple tree has a stylized brass leaf with the name of the community it represents attached to it. Also, a brass leaf with the name of the person who paid for this apple tree, is attached to the respective apple tree. Each apple has a family name written on it. So far ten iron apple trees have been planted, those in memory of the Jewish communities of Plungė (Plungyan), Plateliai (Plotel), Telšiai (Telz), Viekšniai (Vekshne), Mosėdis (Maisyad), Panevėžys (Pónevezh), Vabalninkas (Vabolnik), Alytus (Alite), Kalvarija (Kalvarye) and Alsėdžiai (Alshad).


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